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Why Jinso?

Research relies on mentorship: the process of academic excellence is complicated and impossible to navigate without the help of mentors who understand the process. Jinso is the place to find these mentors. Jinso lets you build your research skills and meet people who can help with your journey.

Who is Jinso For?

The most valuable part of an education is connection to mentors and peers who can teach and offer professional opportunities. Jinso connects you to the right community to support your unique interests and circumstances.

Who reviews my papers?

Your reviewers are determined based on your interests and your level. Reviewers are chosen from a pool of scholars who have demonstrated scholarly interests at a high enough level to give feedback. Preprints are highly secured and encrypted, and only shared with trusted members of the community.

I'm not at a university. Can I use Jinso?

Yes! Our platform is open and we have no reason to limit seats. If you're enthusiastic to work on research, we'll find your community of advisors and collaborators.

What is Jinso's collaboration tool like?

We make collaboration easier at every step of the research process. Share notes among your research group for ideas and checkpoints. Share key papers, findings, and data to keep everyone on the same page.

What if I can't write a research paper by myself?

Our AI system recommends you students, advisors, and other scholars for collaboration. For in-depth study, you can work closely with a dedicated advisor who can help you build a research project.

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