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We connect researchers with advisors and collaborators. Jinso learns your interests to help you find relevant research and meet interesting people. Our collaboration tool helps remote teams manage the full research process from ideation to polishing a manuscript.

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Version control for research groups is a social network and collaboration tool that meets all of your research needs. Seamlessly track your entire revision history. Collaborate with your peers and meet the rising stars in your field. Make valuable connections and discover relevant papers at the cutting-edge.

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Pass your knowledge onto the next generation. Connect with eager students interested in your field of study looking to learn from your experience. Get paid to advise research projects and apply your academic expertise. Be part of our mission to create online research opportunities for high school students.

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Research is a great way to stand out in college admissions, but finding research opportunities for high school students is hard. We pair you with a dedicated advisor to guide you along each stage of the research process from idea to publication. Deepen your interests and go beyond what you can learn in high school with our online research program. Work independently or co-author a paper with your peers.

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Being a Research Advisor with Jinso

Through Jinso, a social network and marketplace for research advising, experienced researchers are connected to high school students looking for advising on independent research projects.

New York High School Student Researches Dementia

“There is still so much that we don’t know about the brain and its function,” said Alvira Tyagi, a freshman studying neurobiology at Harvard. Because of Tyagi’s passion for understanding dementia and conditions like Alzheimer’s, she worked in the research lab of Dr. Kristen Zuloaga at the Albany Medical Center starting her sophomore year of high school.

What is Open Access?

Traditional scientific journal publications require expensive subscriptions for access, causing accessibility to be reduced for those unaffiliated with universities. Lack of access to research is prevalent in the developing world, contributing to research inequality by keeping scholars away from the forefront of their fields.