Meet Your Company's New AI English Tutor

Conversational Practice, Adaptive Feedback, and Real-World Scenarios for Your Organization

The Struggle of Language Learning

It's impossible to successfully learn a language without immersion.

Tutors are Expensive

1-1 tutoring is an effective, but expensive, way to learn a new language.

Limited Availability

Good practice partners have limited availability.


A good practice partner must always be patient, responsive, and, ideally, have teaching expertise.


Traditional teaching lacks the adaptability to cater to individual learning styles and schedules.

Jinso Labs Solution

AI English Practice Partner

Your Organization's New AI-Driven English Training
Real Business Scenarios
Learners engage in realistic, engaging conversations in business English for your organization's needs.
Adaptive Feedback
Our AI partner adapts to the language level, learning style, and interests of each student.
Focused on Latin America
Our artificial intelligence is trained and fine-tuned on data from native Spanish speakers.
Exam Preparation
Our AI partner is tailored to help students confidently succeed in important English exams.
For your business needs

Fully integrated into WhatsApp chat

Learners interact with our AI tutor directly in WhatsApp with both voice and text messages. Scenarios are customizable to your organization's needs.


Working With Us

Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

We'll agree on your desired outcomes for your institution using the AI partner.

Schedule a Demo

Schedule a demo of how our AI-driven English training can drive impact in your organization.

Risk-Free Pilot

We work together to design a pilot to determine whether our technology helps your organization meet your desired English outcomes.

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