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World's best
collaboration tool

We've built the world's best collaboration
tool for remote research teams. Securely share papers and data within your research group. Connect with other top scholars who have similar interests. Our AI system finds you the most relevant connections globally based on interests, not university affiliation.

Find Mentors & Publish Research

Need research

Need research funding? Connect directly to
students to use your expertise and train the next
generation of scholars. Our platform effectively organizes
your students' work so you can
easily keep track and save time.

Get Peer Review

Free feedback on
your work

Looking to share with the world for exposure and visibility? Using our network of scholars, get feedback on your work for free from the people most qualified to provide it. Build scholarly credentials and advance your career. We make research more meritocratic by removing exclusivity from the peer review process.


Stay up-to-date

Discover new research and stay up-to-date with the latest frontiers of your field. Our cutting edge artificial intelligence ensures that everything you see is relevant to your interests. Your feed is transparent and highly customizable so that you have full control over research you want to see. We don't run ads and never will.

The first steps for using the Jinso platform are to create an account and establish a network.